Councilwoman Palmer has released a slate of policy recommendations for short term rentals (STRs), and the council will be discussing how to move forward on Thursday, Dec 20th.

We need folks to turn out and testify about how STRs have negatively impacted your lives- from direct displacement to higher rents and lack of available housing, to loud parties and empty blocks during the week.

Palmer is calling for mandatory homestead exemption and a one-to-one match of commerical permits and STRs in the CBD, which Jane Place and the REST coalition strongly support. But we're concerned about allowing owner occupied 4-plexes to have 3 units converted into STRs, and concerned about allowing all commercially zoned properties in neighborhoods convert apartments into full time STRs. We need to tell City Council in a unified voice to put the housing needs of tourists in front of the profit margins of speculators.

We will update this post with a better time frame for the meeting once the agenda is released.