This is a TWO DAY opportunity to support the Residents of Gordon Plaza in their demand for a fair and just relocation. 

Day #1: Rally in Gordon Plaza - Come see the community for yourself.

Day #2: Healing Circle in Congo Square - Honor the lives lost at Gordon Plaza, since they have not been properly acknowledged by the City of New Orleans, and stand in support of the remaining residents in their fight for a FAIR and just relocation. 

The federal government has deemed the soil of the Gordon Plaza community a Superfund site, deemed too toxic for human life to live on. Many of the residents have been diagnosed with cancer or another illness that can be traced back to the toxicity of the soil in their neighborhood. 

Considering the city allowed contractors to build and sell homes on a former waste dump, without the knowledge of those who purchased the homes, the residents are calling on the mayor to support a fair & just relocation.

When Latoya Cantrell ran for mayor, and was asked about residents of Gordon Plaza during the mayoral forum hosted by Indivisible NOLA on July 18, 2017, she pledged to work to use the city budget and resources "to make our city better, to ensure our people live in safe and healthy environments”. The residents of Gordon Plaza are counting on the mayor to do so at this time.

“Many people here have lost loved ones to cancer and several face health concerns that they believe are related to the toxic contamination that they are sitting on top of,” said Marilyn Amar, a homeowner living in Gordon Plaza. During this press conference, the residents of Gordon Plaza will share updates about their situation, how this situation affects residents across New Orleans, and next steps in their fight for a fair and just relocation.