The Anti-Gentrification Action Group (AGAG) of European Dissent New Orleans works to analyze how white people can effectively engage in organizing against gentrification in their personal, political, familial, and communal lives.

That’s the thing that I think people need to understand, that homes have been taken away, and people have been displaced by Airbnb.



New Orleans City Council is preparing to vote on new Short Term Rental legislation before January 10

See below for CM Palmer’s Ordinance, most of which AGAG supports, except for the “commercial small-scale” and “3 license limit/property” proposals.

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1. Call City Council NOW to support the two key mandates in Palmer’s ordinance: the mandatory homestead exemption and the one-to-one affordable housing match for commercial licenses (see below for phone numbers and script). Helena Moreno and Jason Williams are the two most important councilmembers to contact.

2. Help turn out affected residents to testify during an upcoming public hearing. Affected residents are those who have been evicted by an STR developer, working class people who cannot find affordable housing (esp. near their work), people who have family members who’ve been displaced, etc.

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"Hi, Councilmember _______. My name is [first and last name] and I live at [address]. I know that the Council is looking to make changes to the current STR legislation. I am asking that you support the “One Host One Home” policy that requires a homestead exemption for STR rentals in residential areas.  People should to be able to rent out their own home to make ends meet. However, commercial operators should not be able to buy up multiple homes and turn them into hotels for tourists. Please also support a one-to-one match on affordable housing units in commercially-zoned STR buildings in the CBD. Thank you."


Thank you to all who signed our One Host One Home petition!

150 New Orleans homeowners showed their support for many of the aspects of Palmer’s ordinance, including mandatory homestead exemption and one-to-one match in the CBD. View the petition and learn more about the Residents for Ethical and Sustainable Tourism (REST) by clicking right:

What we’re building:

Toolkit for Anti-Gentrification Action

Click each image to learn more about anti-gentrification work in New Orleans and how to get involved.


Learn more about AGAG and European Dissent:


European Dissent is a group of white people organizing for collective liberation from racism as part of a multiracial movement for a more just society (Learn More). ED's Anti-Gentrification Action Group (AGAG) works to analyze how white people can effectively engage in organizing against gentrification in their personal, political, familial, and communal lives. AGAG has developed a working definition of gentrification:


Gentrification is a profit-driven process of economic and cultural displacement that negatively impacts poor and working-class people and people of color and benefits middle-class and wealthy whites. 

Gentrification is driven by private developers and supported by government policies and subsidies. 

It is characterized by an influx of economic development in neighborhoods that were previously abandoned by the government and private capital, without mechanisms to keep housing affordable for existing residents.


AGAG prioritizes

1. Channeling resources and support to people-of-color led organizing groups fighting gentrification in their own communities
2. Leveraging white power and privilege to both directly serve displaced populations (short-term) and advocate for policy change (long-term)
3. Educating ourselves and our communities on the importance and urgency of gentrification and displacement


Managing the polarity

While AGAG is dedicated to building an anti-gentrification analysis, we acknowledge that communities continue to suffer from disinvestment, and need basic services such as healthy food, safe water, safe housing, jobs, and education. We uphold anti-gentrification and community revitalization efforts that are created and rooted in native communities of color. We manage the polarity between anti-gentrification and community revitalization through our two current focus areas:

1. Toolkit for anti-gentrification action

Focus on New Orleans, but relevance nationwide. 

2. Supporting Stand with Dignity's neighborhood engagement

Intended to foster conversation on community-created revitalization, before gentrification takes hold


Contact AGAG to learn more, get involved, and attend AGAG and/or European Dissent meetings (see calendar below):

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